Financial Conduct Board

Financial Conduct Board (FCB) is an international regulator giving the public help and providing methods for protection and direction to investors in the present complex system of international mergers and acquisitions. FCB authorizes and executes international securities laws identified with Mergers and Acquisitions.

As a result of the expanding number of unregulated offshore management firms, FCB was established to execute international market regulations. From that point forward more than 100,000 securities firms that are managing private clients, divestiture administrations, and mergers and acquisitions including their particular branch workplaces have recorded and enlisted with FCB.

Members of FCB comply with the strictest due diligence process and constant business work in observing and approach execution to serve the public investors. 

FCB manages the world's major markets through productive administration of mergers and acquisitions policies, giving a high specification of information as well as help to the overall population, actualizing global securities laws, and settling questions emerging from regulatory issues among investors and securities firms.

Since then, FCB has around 200 workers, incorporating close by specialists in different fields of expertise, who are committed to teaching investors with the basic comprehension of trading securities internationally and helping them in an advantageous and legitimate way which guarantees investors' security and protection.

Given the multifaceted nature of trading worldwide, FCB retains the trust of the community by maintaining the equality and integrity of the market all around, assuring public investors and ensuring the success of the securities industry.